Vacuum Buyers Guide

Get More Value from Your Purchase

You have probably talked to friends, your family, your facebook page and Amazon. You are a smart, savvy shopper. You know what you want and you are ready to buy it now!

But.....wait. Is there anything you are missing? Is there any way to save a little extra money and maximize the value of your purchase?

The answer is YES. Keep reading...



Here's a simple guide to purchasing your vacuum:

  1. Ask an expert which make or model fits your home and lifestyle best. You can get this wrong. We have been doing this for over 40 years. Please let us help you. 
  2. Demo each product before your purchase. Are you deciding between two models? Try them out! We have a beautiful showroom for you to make these decisions.
  3. Allow us to customize the accessories and attachments that come with your purchase. Not sure what's best for pets, rugs, or allergies? We are. Let us help you. 
  4. Save MONEY. We cover the warranty on any customer purchase. If you buy online, you will spend a great deal more over the life of your investment trying to have it serviced, repaired and warrantied. 
  5. Save MORE MONEY. Let us offer you unpublished coupons and discounts on future services and purchases.
  6. Relax. You worry about a clean home, we'll make it easy at A1 Vacuum Service Company.


Still want to buy ONLINE..?

No problem, just follow this guide and you can still take advantage of our service and support savings.

Top 6 Reasons to Buy Online through our Miele Dealer Portal:

  1. Online customers of A1 Vacuum Service Company receive the same great service and support. 
  2. Save MONEY by letting A1 Vacuum Service cover your warranty and offer discounted rates on service and repairs.
  3. Save TIME by letting A1 Vacuum Service set-up and customize your vacuum even with online purchases!
  4. Let us give you a demo of features and best practices for your new investment.
  5. Your order ships direct from Miele. You can buy from A1 Vacuum and receive your shipment straight from Miele.  No hassle, no third party distribution.
  6. Get more for your money. Order from A1 Vacuum Service Company and get the lowest price. Every time.




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